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Biocatalysis and Biotechnology for Chemical Synthesis

We are fascinated by the power of natural catalysts (biocatalysts) for chemical synthesis. Many of the reactions that one may want to use for the preparation of organic molecules have not yet been developed, or have some limitations such as: the need for highly complicated and expensive catalysts, multiple steps or they simply suffer from low selectivity.

The overall theme of our research is to find new and alternative ways to catalyse a transformation by using enzymes. Sometimes, the goal is to determine the scope and limitations of an enzyme and possibly its engineering towards desired characteristics to overcome these limitations. Other times, it is the discovery and detailed study of enzymes that are not well known yet, in order to understand them better and to determine whether and how they could become applicable for synthesis. And finally, a particular product may be in the focus of the studies and the goal is then to find the best way to prepare it.

Due to this broad portfolio of interests and needs, enzymes, substrates, products and methods that have been in the focus of the team over the years, it is essential to collaborate vividly and connect the knowledge of diverse fields.


Catalytic cascades for selective aldehyde syntheses in vivo

Many fragrances that we know from daily life share the same chemical functional group – the aldehyde. The most prominent example is probably vanillin, which is used in a huge number of food products, cosmetics and perfumes but there are also others like cinnamaldehyde (which gives the smell to cinnamon) and derivatives thereof. As many of these fragrances are difficult to obtain in sufficient amounts from natural sources, there is a lot of interest to find ways how to prepare them. Carboxylic acids could be promising precursors, but it is very difficult to reduce them selectively to aldehydes. Chemistry has some possibilities to do that, but they all suffer from drawbacks that enzymatic methods can circumvent. Enzymes are non-toxic and typically operate at ecologically benign conditions. So called carboxylate reductase enzymes can selectively make an aldehyde from an acid at the expense of cofactors.

These cofactors, however, are too expensive to be added to a reaction and therefore, we will use microorganisms, which produce these cofactors from sugar and air. The microorganism E. coli will be engineered such that they are able to catalyze a cascade reaction to fragrances like for example TropionalTM, which has an ‘ocean – like’ smell, from precursors that were synthesized with catalytic chemical methods. Ultimately, the aim is to integrate the chemical step into the biotransformation step and run the reaction in a chemoenzymatic one pot fashion.

One of the main outcomes from this project will be a better understanding of the complex interplay between the foreign enzymes and chemicals with the microorganism’s metabolism. Only with this knowledge it will be possible to find bottlenecks and to develop ideas how to alleviate them. This will not only be for the benefit of fragrance synthesis but also generally for other cascade reactions with aldehyde intermediates.

This project received funding from the Austrian Science Fund FWF (P 28477-B21). 

Current team

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Margit Winkler
Principal Investigator


Valentina Jurkas

Chiam Hashem
Researcher & PhD student

Karin Reicher

Holly Stolterfoht-Stock
Master student & Researcher

Hana Dobiasová
Guest PhD student

Svitlana Münzer

Lukas Schober
PhD student

Dominic Goj
Project and Master student

Past team-members


Elena Pietrich

Melissa Horvat
PhD student & PostDoc

Stephanie Gerhofer
Bachelor student

Master student

Tanja-Saskia Larch
Master student & Researcher

Lukas Pfeifenberger
Master student

Victoria Weilch
Master student

Stella Ebner
Master student

K. Gimpl

Masethabela Maria Maphatsoe
Guest PhD student

M. Glänzer
Master student

S. Steinberger
Master student

Viktorija Vidimce-Risteski

David Gradischnig
Student co-worker & Bachelor student

Anna Schwarz
Master student

Daniel Schwendenwein
PhD student

Birgit Grill

U. Pogorevcnik
Student co-worker

Susanne Fritsche
Master student

Inge Eiteljörg
Staff Scientist

Thorsten Bachler

B. Kerschbaumer
Master student

M. Willim
Master student

Giuseppe Fiume
Guest student

Katrin Weinhandl

P. Oberhemm
Master student

Elisa Lanfranchi
PhD student

Kamila Napora-Wijata
PhD student

E.-M. Köhler
Master student

K. Dokulil
Master student

G. Offenmüller

H. Mandl



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 Margit Winkler Blog article: How to prepare flavors and fragrances by enzymes, May 18th 2017 
 Martin Walpot Press release: Von der Säure zum Aldehyd, May 12th 2017 

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